Lajkka Exhibition at Art Museum of Eskilstuna


Right now some of my artworks are part of the exhibition at the Art museum in Eskilstuna, Sweden.
It is open until Sunday 16th February 2014, you who happen to be nearby, go and visit it!

We are around 15 artist who are participating in this exhibition, you can see great and beautiful artworks, such as drawings, painting, sculptures, music, photos and texts.


I’ve got my own corner in this exhibition room. All of the things on the picture are made by me, seven old beautiful books that I have drawn on the covers, fronts and backs. Also one larger book to the left with a picture in colour.

And the big basket in the front is made old newspaper which I have braided, it took me quite many hours to finish this one. This was my first big schoolproject which I made September 2013, I am studying Recycle Design in Eskilstuna.


A closer picture of two of the books in  the corner. Most of them are in colours.


Not all of them could be placed in the corner, so four of them I put on a White podium.
Check out the White sign underneath, with my name, website and title!
It feels really nice, to have my artwork at an art museum!


My friend, Hilda Westerberg, drew a big picture on the wall in the exhibition room. She also draws a lot with black inkpencils, and I really adore her cute characters. If you want to see more of her great art, check out her website:


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