75. What you see is what it is 1.8



75# What you see is what it is 1.8


Back on track!

Sorry that I haven’t updated the blog for so long!!

I have been away for three weeks on practise-work on three different places, one new place for each week!

It has been three intense weeks and I was sick two of the weeks but I stayed and did my best to work anyway. I am still not fully recovered but I have energy enough to go back to school in Eskilstuna and continue to create recycled art!

Well, I am gonna tell you about my three past weeks and where I have been:

1. ReRagRug – Stockholm

The first week I got to work with Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans, with their latest project “ReRagRug”, you can see pictures about this here:

There is also an interview with me on the blog :


2. Senneby Trädgård –  Älmsta (Väddö)

The second week I visited a organic farm, Senneby Trädgård, on the island, Väddö. Dan and Britt-Inger who run the farm have 38 sheep and they also grow organic vegetables. During my stay I had the luck to see the sheep give birth to lambs, they are so adorable and cute!

Here is the facebook-site: https://sv-se.facebook.com/SennebyTradgard



3. Återbrukshyttan –  Bollnäs

The last week I was working with glass on Återbrukshyttan with Anny Jernberg and it was so much fun!

I had a great time in Bollnäs working with glass, it was hot, hard but also unbelievably fun. This is my first time working with glass and it was really exciting and I truly love it! Anny is a great glass-artist, she is a funny and lovely person who took so great take of me the whole week! She showed me how to reform old beer and winebottles into drinking glass and candle-holders. I also got to engrave the bottles with my own drawings and patterns and I really enjoyed the engraving-work.  Make sure to check out more of Anny’s great glass-works and art on her website:



By Anny Jernberg


Candle-holder reformed by Ysten


Engraving on bottle, by Ysten. The theme is of course inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s “My Neighbour Totoro”.

During my week in Bollnäs I stayed at a great hostel, Voltersberg. It is run by Inger and Kjell Malmström, a nice and generous couple who even invited me to their home for tea and cookies. The hostel was so nice and cosy, it was clean and tidy and close to citytown. So if you are looking for somewhere to stay in Bollnäs, I strongly recommend hostel Voltersberg! You can check out their website here:



73. Sunbathing


73# Sunbathing

I remember drawing this on my trip to Vietnam when we went to Halong Bay, a beautiful island where we had the whole beach for ourselves since it was slack season. I collected shells and nice looking stones and burned my back after a couple of hours in the sun. But I found so many gorgoues shells and stones. I wish I still had ’em, just to look at, maybe I will go back someday.

71. Be my guest


71# Be my guest

This is an chair in old Chinese design and I think it is made of steel(?). You can find it on in the centre of Kunming. It is really beautiful but it gets really hot during the summers when it’s heated up by the sun, so watch your butt! I love it because of its gorgeous design and details!

70. Seeds


70# Seeds

I can’t remember if it was sesame seeds or sunflowers seeds on this chinese cake I bought once in Kunming.  But at least I remember that it tasted pretty good. Gosh, I miss the great food in Kunming…